Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday CrawFish Boil

One of the agents who uses us for the home biz, bought us tickets to a Crawfish Boil last Sunday. I was so dreading it. Knowing where those little buggers come from. Thank goodness they had other food there. Or Matt, I & the agent who invited us would have starved to death. We ate Hot Dogs. How sad.. They were pretty good though. The free beer until 2pm was alright as well

One of the guys even took the meat out for to taste it. I just couldn't get over how disgusting they are. I really had to force it down. Yuck!!

I was so dreading going. It was such a good time in the end. Here are pictures before and after. They dumped 50 Lbs of crawfish on each table for everyone to devour. So disgusting.

I have never been to New Orleans, but that was the style it was, as it was a fundraiser for LSU alumni. (Louisiana State) Total rocking music. People dressed up in feathers and beads. Beads hanging from the 300 canopies of all the attendees. (2500+ people) It was awesome. Like a huge BBQ party. People and their kids playing football, frisbee, just having a good time.

I went to the restroom, and when I came back, some kid had a live crawfish in a bowl of water that he had found alive of all things.. How crazy is that!

We decided to hang one or two crawfish from the beads as if they were trapeze artists.. As you can see from the pictures and the old women in feathers, there were many interesting people there

Friday, May 22, 2009


Another shout out to Jessica who celebrated her Birthday Today!!!

I am so lame, that I have nothing to post but Birthday Wishes!!! All I do, is work from 8am until 9pm every night, so nothing exciting going on. I am now becoming the new post Biggest Loser