Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged By Kellie

I was hoping I wouldn't get tagged, but since I am most likely the weakest link now it gives me a chance to post something... Sure makes you think hard about yourself though doesn't it?

By the way, Grandma Jeni passed away last Wednesday morning, and with all that Matt has going on business wise, he decided to stay home and not to go the funeral. He is handling it a lot better then I thought he would. He's a pretty tough cookie anyhow. (He has to be to put up with all the continual crap I put him through). I always kept crying for no reason when Grandma Clair died and I couldn't make it to her funeral.

So anyhow... Here are my crazy and random things.

1. I've got the Sniffles - Because I used to Ice Skate, I would constantly be sniffling to hold in the snot (ewww gross) To this day, I still do that from the habit all those years. People are always asking if I have a cold and only then do I realize that I still do it all the time. I think I do it less often then I used to.. But then again, I never knew I was doing it before so who knows.. and really, who cares. At least they don't ask if I have a problem snorting cocaine after work.

2. Chicken Fried Steak - My ultimate favorite food with gravy on top of it and on top of the
mashed potatoes. Whenever we go out to eat, I always tell myself I will get something else,
but if it is on the menu.. It usually ends up in front of me for dinner.

3. Driving my car - for the last few years, I have really had bad anxiety when driving anywhere.
having to check three or four times before turning, changing lanes, always watching the
people behind me to make sure they don't hit me, etc...

4. Afraid of heights - I can't even watch someone on TV who is somewhere high or I have
to turn away from the TV and hide my eyes from it. I get that same feeling in my gut watching it on TV as I do in reality.

5. Shots - and no I am not talking about the alcoholic shots. Dentists/Doctor kind. I hate them
and will do anything to avoid them. Whenever I go to the Dentist which is very rare, I inform
them ahead of time, that if you need to drill or whatever. NO SHOTS!! I will just make a noise
when you need to stop drilling for a bit. (here is the sad part... I hadn't been to the dentist in
10 years). They decided that they wanted to take out all the silver and replace with the white
fillings. Looks alot better but yes, I had to have shots.. TWELVE of them to deaden me
enough. I should have gotten the sleepy pills, but insurance wouldn't cover them. I had
already warned them about my fear. And now because of that painful situation
I will definately not be doing that again!!

6. Shopping - I HATE IT!!! Yes we all hate grocery shopping, but I hate any shopping. Clothes,
furniture, buying things for the house, for myself, Home Depot fix up shopping. All of it. In fact, I do all of the shopping I can online, if I have to do any and if I can. Which is stupid because of the shipping charges, even if you do get a good deal it costs more. I guess most of all, I just hate crowds and people who are so into themselves they can't see straight to get out of your way.

7. Lobsters and cockroaches - I just found out yesterday that Lobsters and cockroaches are
related. Now I am not much of a seafood person but I will eat lobster once in a while. Not any
more I won't.. That is disgusting... Do you know the reason that Lobsters have to be cooked
by throwing them in a hot boiling pot of water? I used to think that was cruel until yesterday
when I found out why. Lobsters spew out a chemical that is poisonous and would kill us, but
when they are thrown in a boiling pot of water, they are killed almost instantly and don't
have time to release that chemical, thereby letting us enjoy thier meaty little bodies..
Quite educational aren't I?

So there ya go... My seven crazy, wierd and fun facts for the year 2008!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wii's Back From Ohio

While we were in Ohio, Matt's mom (Mary & Ken) celebrated their 33rd Anniversary. They had a Nintendo Wii and Mary mentioned that she would like the Wii Fit. So we went to Target and Gamestop with no luck. Toys-R-Us was nearby so we stopped in and they had one Wii fit left. Much to our amazement they also had the actual Wii system. Since we can never find it here we figured what the heck, lets buy it and take it back home.

Later that day we were visting Grandma Jeni while Mary sat by her bedside and Mary had asked us to go to Walmart to buy some more yogurt for Grandma. Soft food is about the only thing she can get down. While we were there we figured that we would go see if they had another Wii Fit. Much to our amazement they had four that had just come in. So we bought one for ourselves and brought that home as well.

We set ourselves up on her Wii and Oh My.. My Wii fit age is 60! What? Okay, I know I haven't exercised in over 15 years but come on now. Give me a break.

Like dad/grandpa has been, Grandma Jeni travels in and out of reality, but I must say she is a fighter and is not willing to go anywhere as of yet. She did realize every now and then that we were there and I am glad that Matt got to see her before she was completely out of reality. We learned the first day that we couldn't say goodbye because Grandma Jeni would start crying uncontrollably. The last day was very hard. We told Grandma Jeni that we would see her later, gave her a kiss and she would reach up and stroke our face and hair. She told us to be careful and we left telling her to take care of herself. It was so hard knowing that it was final and that we wouldn't see her in this life again.

Take care Grandma. You are such a beautiful person, we love you so much and thank god that you were a part of our lives. May God bless you, keep you, take care of you and show you the glory of all the wonderful blessings that we will all share for eternity together in our next glorious life.