Monday, November 24, 2008

Wii Can't Believe It!!!

So we bought a Wii while back in Ohio. I enter sweepstakes every day and have been trying to win one for over a year... So in the meantime, I have won a $500 gas card, A $300 digital camera, various $25,$50 gift cards and of course last week a Wii.. now that we don't need one. Now we find ourselves besides the Wii, addicted to getting as many Mii's as we can on our system. So we might be bringing our Wii remote so that we can download the whole darn family to roam around with us on our system. Matt's mom sent us her Wii so we have his side of the family already..

Its funny how some of them look so much alike the family. Too bad you can't make a doggie or kitty Mii..

Is it possible to send them to each other via the internet as well?

Friday, November 21, 2008

What A Bunch of Flakes

So I was trying to make my blog a little more interactive two posts ago. Make a flake and pick the best one. Okay I get it. Your too busy to have a little fun while you perusing on the internet. And those that had a little fun, voted for their own.. It's all good and I get it. You think yours is the best.

Here are the not so flakey.

Jen Flake # 7000851
Joann Flake # 5676763
Sheryl Flake #'s 6934687, 6930919, 5117827
Me (Jef) Flake #'s 6861530, 6853157, 6853138, 5879990

Jessica and Cynthia made some as well but they seem to have melted. I can't find them.

Even though you flaked out on me.. I still love you and can't wait to see you. Only four days left until we arrive and 6 days to Thankgiving. I can't believe how fast it arrives.

So Jo... You want us to spend the night. What night is best for you? We are ready!! You have the Wii right? maybe not. If so, we need to transfer your Mii's so that you are always roaming our screen here at home. Happy 16th Emily. Would have been beautiful (just like her crazy mother, smart (4.0 student), and put Colton in his place... Love and Kisses.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Well my office was the next casualty and we just got the announcement this morning that my office will be closed as of December 5th. Right when I get back home from Utah. Thats 8 offices in the last two years leaving us with three offices left. Fortunatley, since they have laid off so many people, I still have a job in one of our Southern offices. God is truly on my side. All the people in those offices got laid off. So in a way I feel very fortunate.

However, I so love downtown and I am going to hate working in the Burbs. I haven't been told what I will be doing, so I of course am a little scared that I may be doing something totally new to me. I guess I should look at it as if I will have experience doing something else to put on my resume.

If they don't offer me more money, I am not sure what I will do. Stay or leave. All I know is that I have to have a job with Benefits for both Matt and I, since he is his own business.

I guess the good thing about this is, that all those agents who will be leaving the company, I can now hit up to use Matt and I as their Transaction Coordinators. At $400 a sale... thats $400 more a sale that I wasn't making with McMillin. So in the long run we could benefit from this. I would like to get enough people to use us that I could eventually quit working for others and work from home making more money then I thought I could.

One of our agents who left two months ago took 5 of his buyers agents with him and all of them are using our services. I now have 4 deals of theirs. Two of them at the $400 charge and two of them with a charge of $600 because I am doing all the communications with the bank trying to work out a deal with the seller.

I can't even tell you how many people I know that have been laid off from our company and the other real estate offices. And how many real estate offices have closed because these greedy lenders got us in this economic mess!!! What really annoys me is that our government continually helps these idiots who got us all in this mess in the first place and keeps screwing US... the underdogs. What the HELL is wrong with the people we put in government positions? I guess I should be satisfied with my new faith is that all of those people will be punished in the long run for all of their greedy wrong doings!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Have Fun With This

Go to to make your snowflakes online. Click get started now. You will have to sign up but it is free to join. Cut out your own snowflakes. Just drag your mouse where you wish to cut. You can start, preview or reset until you get the desired effect. You can also view other peoples snowflake cutouts by clicking on the large or small dots to see what others have created. You can comment on them as well.. check mine out from this year and last year by clicking on Find a Flake on the lower left and do a search for Jef in San Diego. You will be amazed how creative people are. Find me crazy, but I think it is very cool...

Compared to others, mine stink. When you create your own, give us your name and location in my comments so we can view yours and then vote on my blog as to whom has the best. (survey at the top right hand of my blog)

Now isn't that a fun interactive blog? LOL!!!