Saturday, April 23, 2011

Matt's Realtor Easter Egg Hunt

The Kids Arrive
So one of Matt's Realtor friends moved out of town and sold Matt his community of marketing. There were certain stipulations to the agreement. Pass out Padres & Charger schedules every year, put an ad in the Homeowners newsletter every month, & hold the annual Easter Egg Hunt (this was the 7th year). and of course a certain amount of commission on the first certain number of sales within in the community. 

Dying Easter Eggs Before & After the Hunt

And off they go.. 3 & under go first
This has been a godsend as we were dirt poor and Matt now has 7 properties in escrow, ready to close. Just in time, as I am losing one of my biggest clients and now my income is going down the tubes. I refuse to have to get a job working for someone else, so I gotta find more clients.

Anyhow.. I was stressing about this Easter Egg Hunt, but what a success. 25 kids RSVP'd but of course about 40 showed up. Glad I decided to buy more eggs. I bought 230 eggs and stuffed them full of yummy candies (bite size Milky Way, Snickers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Kisses, M&M's) the good stuff... 

We decided to let the 3 and under go first for about two minutes. Then released the 5-7 year olds, and then the older ones. Worked out well.

We had two prizes that were pre-made Easter Baskets from Toys-R-Us, and the Grand Prize of a $30 gift card to Toys-R-Us (The Golden Egg). 

The hunt lasted about 25 minutes before we decided all the eggs had been found, except for the Elusive Golden Egg. In the last 2 pictures you see all the kids crowded in the same area. We decided to bring all the kids together and tell them that the Golden Eggs was hidden within a certain area. It still took them about ten minutes to find it. I didn't think I made it that hard to find. I was wrong.

The Homeowner's Association supplied Boiled Eggs, Dye, punch and an Easter cake, so the kids had something to do before and after the Hunt.

One poor kid who was really shy, only had one egg at the end. I felt so bad for him. What are you going to do.  

I was really dreading this, as I am not great with kids I don't know, but it was actually fun. Everyone had a good time and all were very appreciative.
 I haven't been on here to post anything for a long time. I am happy to see that they improved the ease of posting everything. Able to move the pics and even post captions.. Maybe I will come on here more often now. I just found it too frustrating before.

HAPPY EASTER ALL. I would still like to know what the Easter Bunny and eggs have to do with the whole Easter thing.. Can someone explain? I think the show Southpark might have gotten it right... NOT!!!

The Search for the Elusive Golden Egg (Grand Prize)

Had to narrow down the search for the Golden Egg