Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Other Side

Short but sweet. We finally finished the other side of the office. Heres a looksie.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday DAD - August 16th,1930

When I visited last in Oct 2006, Dad wanted to take me to see a few things. It was an awesome bonding experience. We headed up the Ogden mountains and ate a little cafe up in the hills. Then we headed to the ski resort that has been used for the Olympics. It was the perfect day. The leaves were all turning the colors of fall. Headed down the old freeway... can't remember what he told me about that but then all of a sudden we were in tremonton. We drove by the farm he grew up on (which is the picture above) in Garland. The farm was huge and still quaint. We drove by Grandma Claire's. Has been fixed up a bit. The big tree in front was gone. Just wasn't the same as it used to be. He told me a story about the invasion of rabbits on the farms and how they took care of that situation, but I won't elaborate. I was in horror at hearing the whole ordeal. And of course we had to stop at the old shop off of the Freeway to have the Ice Cream before we left like we always used to do in the old days. It was a very special day I won't forget.

Here is dad in 1932 with his mom and in July of 1943 with his father bringing in the milk.
Not sure what the picture is of Dad in the (sports uniform?) but it was taken in 1951 and then we have the lovely Wassom family with the hip glasses and gangsta wear in 1967.

I still don't understand how to get these darn pictures exactly where I want them. And why that darn text is way up there. So frustating. Anyhow, I had to throw a picture of my cute little self with dad in. Afterall it is my blog, and it was taken right before my baptism in Feb 1972.

Dad was in the Korean war between 1948-1952. This picture in his dapper uniform was taken at Fort Ord in 1949.
I am very glad that me and dad took that time to get to know each other a little better. Upon until then we only spoke every 6 months or so and never had anything to talk about. Since then we have talked about every month and couldn't stop talking. I have only talked to him once since his fall in Nevada. Its just too painful to sit in almost complete silence and hear him going in and out of reality. I know and pray that he is getting better. I do plan to come out later this year. Most likely for Thanksgiving. I was going to drive out for his birthday and surprise everybody today, but so much going on right now that I couldn't take the time off.
Happy Birthday Dad. I miss and Love you very much... I just got teary eyed there. what a wimp.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Requests are always taken...

Okay... So Steph and Ang requested to see us working our butt's off in our new office. The request is honored. And as always.. Bryce is always up for the challenge as well. He is such a good boy. Always helping the Dad's work on the house or getting his spotted Butt in the way. He is alway's following me around and getting or laying in the way. So faithful and full of unconditional love. By the way Sheryl... I wish I could be a design star. But Not!!!! It only has to do with the melding of the minds.

Emily..... the small one is such a princess. Always on security duty. Barking at the neighbors or those walking by. Makes her so tired that she becomes unsocial and lays around while we work. She could careless whats going on. But at the end of the night, she cuddles with me and always wants to be under the covers... cudding with the daddy. Such a good girl. Looking out for us.

BRAVO!! Sheer Genuis.. get it?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Office 95% complete

And finally here is the 95% complete home office. I still have trim work do to around the sliding glass door and to move the furniture in against the back wall but the major part is done.. Yee Ha.. One more huge project under the belts. Matt put his laptop in the corner of the room with his flat screen moniter and brought down the flat screen TV from the upstairs bedroom (15.5 inches by 25.5 inches) to use as my monitor. It is so awesome!!! The websites are huge and are actually readable . Once we move the furniture in we can also kick back, watch TV on it, and feel the cool breeze from the outside. Its another part of our little piece of heaven. Life Is Good!!! Now all we need is a Wii that we can play. Then everyone will have to come visit. We can relax, play, enjoy the cool breezes, eat good food, site see and enjoy. I feel like a new man.. Funny how a revamped room will do that for you huh?

The Home Office

Here are the office windows before & after the trim. If you haven't discovered Power Grab yet, it is my ultimate favorite new find. Comes in a tube like caulk. Put it in your caulking gun, place on the back of your wood & glue it in place. I didn't use any nails to put this up. Saved me so much time nailing, patching, sanding it to be smooth & toucking up it up with paint. Only took me 30-45 minutes to glue it on, caulk it and touch up a few spots with paint..