Friday, September 19, 2008

The So Sad and the So Glad

So we are leaving for Ohio on Tuesday for a week. (How I hate leaving the doogies that long) It might seem like a vacation, but its not going to be. Matt's Grandmother who just turned 90 in August has been in the hospital for a while terribly weak and feeble. Thank God Matt had the chance to talk to her for bit a few weeks ago but the sad thing is she said her last goodbyes (and unfortunately it was only for a minute or so). As I told Matt; its amazing how those who are very sick will hold on until they are able to visit, in person, the last family member, which I believe is Matt. I have been praying that she will hold on until we have the chance to visit with her (I feel terrible asking God of that) as she is in so much pain. She is such a joyful, beautiful, and all loving person. I truly wish I could have gotten to know her better.

It takes me back to when Grandma Clair passed away. I did get to see her months before she passed away, but I felt so much guilt because I couldn't attend her funeral. Especially after all the good times we spent with each other and Harvey. Playing cards, watching Johnny Carson late at night and having my friends stay at her house to enjoy all of her love and joy. She was such a good person.. Grandma Clair is so much my ULTIMATE HERO!!! I have struggled ever since she passed away that I dissapointed her!!

So on a happier note. Eat fish and save the turkeys. And thank you for sticking with me past the sad times.

We will be coming to Utah for Thanksgiving. We were going to fly out, but I can't deal with all those traveler's, so we will be driving across the desert plains. Did I say plain? It would be so nice to have everyone there as a sort of family reunion. All get together and thank God for living in the U.S. and enjoying all the blessings that we have. Letting go of any hatred or ill feelings for one day and being together. I so would love to see everyone (too bad that Kelly isn't due until May. I would love to hold and smell the newest member of the family). Okay, somehow that sounded wrong. You know.. the new baby smell.

Okay, I am now going to show my dorkiness here, so please forgive me..

Think how blessed we are.. Clean water, electricity, food to eat, all the comforts of technology, no war in our own country, freedom, we don't grow up thinking that we have to be martyr's to kill others, knowing God and Jesus as our Saviour, cherised memories, should I go on and on?

Its amazing how much we in this country complain, but we have been truly blessed. Even thought the economy is going down the tubes, people are losing their houses left and right, and our presidential candidate are (DORKS) we still live in the land of opportunity and freedom to do as we wish.

Now spend a few cents and post your comments.. LOL. If you dont' understand the spents cent at the end of my post.. Its just a cute way to post your comments on my blog. I do have to be different after all.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Since I couldn't figure out how to get my page that way it was, I just added a new background befitting the upcoming Elections. We only have 43 days left for this important election, so if you haven't registered then do it. I know both candidates aren't the best but we should all vote for someone. I may just vote Libertarian to prove a point ( and how about the fair tax to quit taxing us to the point of poverty...

Nice to see Kain and Kelly have joined the clan... Welcome you two.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Labor Day Trip

So here's the proof that I did indeed make it out to Phoenix.

Our vacation got off to a rocky start. We didn't leave until 5pm friday night, so I took the whole day off for nothing. We stopped in Yuma for dinner and I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak which quite frankly looked like roadkill with gravy on it. When we finally arrived we thought we were staying at the Camelback Inn which is $500 a night room. I kind of knew that we had booked the wrong place as soon as I entered the address into our GPS at the beginning of the night. Kept my mouth shut not to ruin anyones faith.

So we arrive at the Camelback Inn around midnite and they tell us that the room we booked is the Camelback Resort, which is basically a timeshare of condos. It was still nice and the rooms were three times as large as we would have gotten and were less then $80 a day. They had a saltwater pool and jacuzzi, a volleyball court with sand, croquet, a game room with pool, miniature golf course. Although we didn't stay at the Camelback Inn we spent a lot of time there at the pool, having breakfast and what not. The town of Cave Creek is our favorite spot to eat though. So many cool places. We had dinner at the Cave Creek Coffee Company. (good wine, beer, eats and live music). The music wasn't as good as last time so Sheryl suggested, "The Satisfied Frog". Great music. And isn't that a great pic of us?

We got up early on Saturday and did 3 mile hike around Pinnacle Peak, shown here. The houses at that base of this place are huge. You can see one of them at the bottom of this picture. I can't figure out why anyone needs a house so big. They probably only spend the winter months in them as well.

I started to get grumpy on Monday night. I just can't take the heat. I don't know how anyone can be totally satisified in that. Although it is green, the plants are beautiful and you actually get thunder, lightning and rain which would be nice. All in all, it was a good time.