Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Excuse To Post Something

So our lives have been boring lately, & I needed to make an excuse to post. Since Sheryl & Rick visited Asheville, North Carolina, I am posting pics from our trip a few years back to visit a friend who lives there..

I could so live there. In fact, I am entering a sweepstakes to win a house there. What a surprise!!! I enter a 20 - 40 sweepstakes a day.

Anyhow, this is us in front of the Biltmore. After all, I don't want to be the most boring and weakest link..JOLYN!!! 2 months since a post?
Get a life girlfriend!!!

We also hiked up the lower and upper falls of the Asheville Mountains.

This is us at the lower falls..

This is my fat and old ugly self as we were heading up the mountain near another fall.

This is Matt at the upper falls, who by the way has lost 80-100 lbs to date...

Very proud of him and quite the feat to accomplish.

We also stopped in Myrtle Beach and stayed at a hotel on the 12th floor for really cheap. The room had the capability to room 10 people. We stopped here on our way back to Matt's mom's house in West Virginia.

We started there and worked our way down to Asheville, down to Savannah and to Myrtle Beach on the way back.

And this is a picture at Savannah, Georgia.. The moss hanging from the trees was crazy.. I have never seen such a thing. Savannah is chock full of history and old houses, brickways and down by the river is chock full of places to drink and have fun.. Gotta live life while you are here right?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

San Diego Parkinson's Walk 2009

I just signed up to do my fourth walk for Parkinson's taking place on Satuday, April 18th.

I heard a report the other day that due to stem cell research they may be really close to finding a cure. So once again, I am asking for donations.. Isn't everyone..

But this touches us right where it hurts. I know the economy stinks, so if you don't donate, I won't be hurt and totally understand. It was hard enough to donate the measly amount that I did.

If you do decide to donate, Visit my personal site*/jwassom and show me the love. Pass the word on and help me surpass my goal of $500 in donations.