Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Missed Christmas

 Not sure why this Christmas was so hard to be away from you all. I am sure it is due to Dad not being around this year.  Most likely, as I have lost it a couple of time this last week.May be due to mom, sending me a picture of Dad and I, or Joyce sending me Dad's Poem with his picture on it.  Love and miss you so much Dad. By the way.. here is the site for Dad's memoration page....

As I mentioned months ago, I invite you to scan/email/and post pics you have of dad on this site... Love and miss you so much dad.. Wish we could have had more time together. I know that I was/am a disappointment to you, but thru it all, you were my hero..

By the way Dad. You always said that you wished that you had my hair. Well guess what. You always did. My head of hair is too fine as well, and can't do a damn thing with it, just as you alway's complained about.

I am finding it funny, how much we have in common. Complaining about the stupid commercials, etc... I am begging you to come visit me very soon.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Ghost or Wierd Freaky Things

So Matt and I were sitting downstairs one morning last week, and hear this crash and breaking glass, as if a picture fell of the wall. (and we don't have many pictures hanging) We searched the whole house, and found nothing indoors or out, so went about our way as if we were hearing something. Next day, Matt was taking a shower and weighing himself on the scale, as he does every morning, only to find that the inside pane or our dual windows had broken. We don't know how it happened. The window company came out and couldn't quite explain how it happened either.

Thanks goodness, it is still covered by the Warranty. Nothing better than free replacements. Especially since most things only break, right after they are covered under the one year warranty.

I know.. What a small and stupid thing to post about, but feel that I have been distant and need to get back on the blog train.

Uhhhhh.. Jolyn Tilley, Nicole Bigelow, Stephanie, Julie and others who have been away for a year, or almost a year.. Pathetic of us.. Hop on the train and climb aboard.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Neighborhood Garden

I posted these on facebook, but here are the pictures of our Neighboorhood Drought Tolerant Garden at the park, that I posted about back in July. Thought it would take years to get done, but lo and behold.. the redtape was a little faster this time. Obviously it will grow in over a long period of time, but pretty nice to see the artwork and plants, versus a big old empty hole of dirt. Most of the artwork was made from recycled materials.

One piece of artwork was a whole lotta soda cans crunched up inside a rectangular piece of enclosed plastic (about 6ft x 3ft x 3ft) But go figure, it was stolen within a week. Most likely from the homeless who were trying to collect cans for food, or most likely alcohol to drown their sorrows away. (Been there, done that) way too many times.

This last piece of artwork lights up at night, via solar power.. kind of cool.