Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finally got the XMas tree almost down.. I took the decorations off weeks ago, but the half of the lights decided to go out before Christmas.. As we bought a fake tree in 2003, I was dreading this moment. The lights are wrapped around every single limb, which is fine by me, that's the way mom and I have always done it. But on a fake Christmas tree, they also have every limb attached with these annoying clips as seen in the picture. 1000 lights and 1000 clips.. It is taking me forever to unclip those. Not only that, but at the end of every branch, they have plastic ties..  Now I have to figure out which bulbs are truly burnt out, to try and make as many working light strands as I can for next year.

I figure that since I have to restring lights next year, I will actually buy a real tree next year. It is actually more environmentally friendly, as I learned this year. Tree farms plant more trees than are used, which in turn helps out our environment.... Fake trees take oil (that we are in desperate need of already) to make them. I can't believe how annoying this has been!!! Besides that I miss the smell of a real tree. Hanging the automotive scented pine trees meant for cars just isn't working anymore.. Just doesn't smell the same.. Just kidding.. I have never done that.. but that would make for a beautiful tree now, wouldn't it? LOL!!!!